The new Natuzzi Editions concept presented at IMM Cologne 2017


The Natuzzi Editions 2017 collection is an extremely important step change for the brand, since the new products mark an evolution that is evidenced in many ways, above all in a product range with such a broad mix of characteristics that it cannot be compared to the collection introduced in the past.

The new Editions products, which feature sophisticated designs and highly colorful coverings, also speak, for the first time, to the younger generations of millennials. However, the new collection does not leave, but rather reinforces the strengths that have always distinguished the brand.

The absolute comfort and quality of its products is combined with innovation, which in the new collection is translated into new recliner mechanisms that allow you to completely transform the sofa’s seat and to independently adjust the headrest, backrest and footrest, achieving the optimum comfort conditions for never-before-experienced relaxation.

Leather is still the jewel in the crown of the Natuzzi Editions creations, testifying to the company’s skill in working with this extraordinary material, a decades-long heritage that has made Natuzzi a world leader in the industry. Alongside leather, fabric is also enhanced, becoming highly colorful and trendy for the first time. The new fabrics are tinged with intense, vibrant colors such as green, blue, yellow and red in sophisticated shades to emphasize the rich coverings and sinuous forms.

Armchairs, tables, rugs and accessories complete the rich collection, which was designed to renew the living area with innovative, comfortable projects. In the 25 sets at the IMM Cologne stand, sofa beds, stationary, modular units and motion systems pursue the desire to “never say no” to any kind of space, comfort and style need.