Press Release

The Harmony of Natuzzi Italia, where Nature meets Innovation


Natuzzi Italia: Pavilion 16, stand E41 – F46

Santeramo in Colle (Bari), Italy – April 2018Natuzzi Italia pays homage to Nature and the perfect Harmony of its elements, also through next-generation technology. This is the brand’s concept for the 2018 Furniture Show where design meets the evolutions of the Smart Home and products are intelligent, integrated and interconnected.

Nature, in its primordial and perfect form, is celebrated by the Torsion table designed for Natuzzi Italia by the architect Mario Bellini and by the two collections, Agronomist and Oceanographer, from the eclectic Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.

With its thick extra-clear glass top, two metres in diameter, held up by a weave of six solid olive wood petals, Bellini’s Torsion is an imposing round table. Its design evokes the power of time-honoured olive trees from Puglia whose trunks, untamed by the winter wind, resist the inclement weather by twisting. A tribute to the land that inspires the brand, the place where Pasquale Natuzzi’s incredible human and professional adventure began.

Agronomist is a collection of sofas, armchairs and furniture designed by Wanders that is inspired by the land, the landscapes, the architecture and the lifestyle of Puglia. From the land to the water. With Oceanographer Wanders unveils a vast, multi-faceted collection that seems to emerge like a hidden treasure from the sea of Puglia: sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, accessories.

The smart living programme launched by Natuzzi Italia in partnership with LG opens the doors of the Internet of Things and “connects” Mauro Lipparini’s Colosseo sofa with the other elements in the home. Lights, TV, air purifier and, of course, the angle of the sofa’s seat and backrest cushions are activated according to whether you want to read, rest or watch the television. The task of preparing the ideal environment for the main forms of relaxation is entrusted to a virtual assistant – via a simple voice command – or a smartphone app.

Nature is also the inspiration for the colour choices of the Natuzzi Style Centre, which has clothed the new products with the shades of buds and blossoms, with the soft neutral tones of the earth, grain and leaves to create wonderfully welcoming and reassuring atmospheres. The refined and rarefied colours are combined with cool, modern pink tones to soften the environment and give it character. A mood that transmits elegance, modernity and constraint.

Our challenge when creating the new Natuzzi Italia collections presented in Milan was to bring the Harmony that regulates every natural ecosystem into the domestic environment”, explains Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer Natuzzi, who continues: “It was only natural that we began in Puglia, the original home of our company. We represented the evolution of design, starting with the aesthetic and functional perfection of the olive plant and progressing as far as smart living, where everything is interconnected thanks to the use of next-generation technologies.

Other new Natuzzi Italia collection products that will be presented in Milan include Icon by Michele Menescardi, which takes its inspiration from an authentic Natuzzi brand icon: the 641 model of 1989, whose “visual comfort” typified the Natuzzi style of the 1990’s. From the fervid imagination of Mauro Lipparini come Colosseo, a system of sofas, panelling and bedside tables; the Penelope and Cassia armchairs; the Armonica low cabinet and the Fil Rouge etagere.

Finally, there are also new products for the bedroom with the Venere collection by Bernhardt & Vella: equipped with a chest of drawers and bedside tables in the same style, the bed embodies a concept of beauty and grace that conserves the modesty of feminine charm.

As regards sales tools, Natuzzi Italia presents an innovative configurator which, beginning with a photo of the domestic space of the potential customer, offers a High-Definition 3D interior design service. A demo of the new next-generation configurator will be on display in a dedicated area of the Natuzzi Italia flagship store in Via Durini where a “virtual room” will be set up that allows visitors to “immerse themselves” in the virtual space furnished with Natuzzi Italia collection products and enjoy a unique experience.