Pasquale Natuzzi is supporter of the first “House for Peace”

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A project conceived by the “City of Peace for Children” Foundation chaired by Nobel Prize Betty Williams

ROME – May 11, 2016. It has been signed today, at the FAO headquarters in Rome, the agreement for the construction of the first “House for Peace”, a project dedicated to the reception of refugees, fully realized with the contributes of two forward-thinking entrepreneurs: Pasquale Natuzzi and Nicola Benedetto, President of BBC Srl.

Designed by Cucinella studio, who realized the prototype of an environmentally sustainable, low-cost and high-quality house, it will become an example to be replicated in areas where the reception of refugees is a structural phenomenon. The building is shaped like the wings of a butterfly and uses innovative technologies for energy saving.

On the occasion of the international meeting in Rome, Pasquale Natuzzi has said: “Being hospitable does not mean only make harmonious and comfortable our consumer’s homes, as we do every day through our work. Being hospitable also means rolling up our sleeves to defend the right of everyone to have a shelter, when they are in the war and famine run. This is the reason why Natuzzi supports the City of Peace Foundation”.

The signing took place at the end of an international meeting “Food for Security and Peace” organized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture with the participation of four Nobel laureates: Muhammad Yunus, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Tawakkol Karman and Betty Williams.

The “House for Peace” is a project of the “Foundation of the City of Peace for Children”, chaired by Nobel Laureate Betty Williams, whose testimonial is the actress and activist for human rights, Sharon Stone.