Pasquale Natuzzi in the Book of Facts 2014 Italian edition


A traditional appointment, not only for the press: the 2014 Italian edition of the World Almanac and Book of Facts was recently published and it contains also Pasquale Natuzzi’s comment inside the Made in Italy special insert.

Beyond Natuzzi there are also other well-known Italian entrepreneurs like Ferragamo, Ferrero, Rossetti, Buccellati, De Cecco and other Institutions and Associations representing the main excellences of Italy in the world.

The World Almanac and Book of Facts is a US-published reference work and is the bestselling almanac conveying information about such subjects as world changes, tragedies, sports feats, etc. The first edition of The World Almanac was published by The New York World newspaper in 1868 (the name of the publication comes from the newspaper itself, which was known as “The World”). The Italian edition is known as “Libro dei fatti” and is published yearly from Adnkronos since 1991.

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