Press Release

Natuzzi Re-vive returns to High Point after a year of success around the world


High Point (NC), October 18, 2014 – One year after its global unveiling at High Point last October, Natuzzi Re-vive returns to the United States with an even wider and more interesting array of products.

Re-vive is the first and only recliner in the world able to adjust to the body and react intuitively and fluidly to its movements, even the most imperceptible, guaranteeing unprecedented comfort. In just one year, Re-vive has been extremely well received, as demonstrated by the over 500 stores already active in 64 markets, among which America is the most significant. In addition to its sales results, Re-vive has also received numerous awards and recognition, including the prestigious Trophées de l’Innovation, which it was presented in France.

The recliner in fact boasts numerous unique features, such as Natuzzi Responsive Recline (a weight-compensating mechanism that intuitively detects changes in body posture), dynamic armrests, complete 360 degree movement from the base and a footrest that also tilts.

Created in partnership with Kent Parket, Head Designer at Formway Design Studio, Re-vive returns to High Point with an even larger collection, consisting of 7 recliners, with the objective of conquering a larger market share thanks to the introduction of different styles: retro-chic, elegant-glam and trend-technology.

And so the number of models in the collection increases to 7, available in two sizes and a multitude of different combinations, which include new leather and fabric upholstery options and the possibility of choosing between the numerous colours in the collection. Even the details can be personalised, allowing for a pop of colour in the zip or the frame.

The new display system will also be presented at High Point: a space that can contain from 12 to 24 recliners in a display area reaching a maximum of 1,291 square feet.