Natuzzi continues aggressive retail expansion plan


Natuzzi opened 54 new Natuzzi stores
worldwide in the course of 2016, in particular, 17 in Europe, 9 in the Americas and 28
in Asia-Pacific.

Between 2016 and the first few weeks of 2017, the Company acquired 8 Natuzzi Italia
stores in the US (7 in Florida, 1 in Pennsylvania), 3 in Mexico, as well as 5 Divani &
Divani by Natuzzi stores in Italy.

This focus and continued investment is part of Natuzzi’s objective to boost branded
sales, controlling the entire value chain. In line with this strategy the group announced
the creation of a new Natuzzi division headed by Nazzario Pozzi. Mr. Pozzi is now
responsible for all brand and retail activities including product development,
marketing, merchandising and sales.

Pasquale Natuzzi, Chairman and CEO of Natuzzi SpA, said: “Thanks to the investments
made in recent years, Natuzzi has become the best known brand among the world’s
luxury goods consumers who buy design and furnishing products. Now, we must
capitalize our brand awareness by increasing our retail expansion. Our goal is to build
a closer relationship with the customer, continuing to offer unparalleled quality and a
unique shopping experience through our stores”.

In January 2017 two new Natuzzi Italia stores have opened in Spain. In addition
Natuzzi branded retail stores are planned to open in China, Brazil, Italy, UK,
Switzerland and the US throughout the year. The company will continue with the
rationalization of its retail network to maintain a balanced portfolio of the right stores
in the right places.