Press Release

Natuzzi announces opening of new store in West Palm Beach. Retail expansion on track


Santeramo in Colle (BA), Italy, June 13, 2017 – Natuzzi S.p.A. (NYSE: NTZ) (the “Company”)
announced this morning it has opened its newest North American retail store in West Palm Beach,
Florida. This is the latest in the Company’s planned expansion into the direct retail marketing of
its luxury home furnishings globally. Measuring approximately 7,200 square feet and located in
The City Center on South Rosemary Avenue, the new store is part of the strategy announced last
year to open Company managed stores in high traffic and prime retail locations, showcasing the
new store design, merchandising concept and overall Natuzzi consumer experience. Edward
Teplitz, Natuzzi’s North American Chief said, “West Palm Beach follows closely on the opening of
our flagship store in Paramus (New Jersey) and incorporates what we have learned from the very
successful opening we have had there. We are planning three more stores in the United States in
2017, one in King of Prussia (Philadelphia), one in Costa Mesa (California) and one in Chicago. We
are on track to open these stores as planned.

Nazzario Pozzi, Natuzzi’s Global Retail Chief, added, “The United States represents a great market
opportunity for our brand and we are continuing with the efforts to move quickly to expand our
presence. These stores are being located and managed to deliver Pasquale Natuzzi’s vison of a
new buying experience for our customers, through the careful coordination of whole room
furnishings to the tools and training of our sales staff in assisting customers in the furnishing of
their homes. Our efforts so far are proving very successful”.

Chief Financial Officer, Vittorio Notarpietro said, “Through the first week of June of this year we
are seeing constant improvements in our direct retail results. Despite the widely recognized
difficult retail environment in early 2017, like for like store volumes are up slightly, but when we
include the new store openings in our network, which reflect more of the new store format which is
key to our strategy, direct retail sales are up over 38% over the same period last year, while the
average ticket is up 15.6% over the same period last year. It is important to consider that our
newest stores most closely capture our new merchandising strategy and that over time, existing
stores will be brought up to these standards as well.

The Natuzzi Group now operates 70 direct retail stores in seven countries and is continuing efforts
to grow this network as fast as possible.