Press Release



The Group has opened a new and innovative shop in Sydney which brings the number of Natuzzi Italia Store in Australia to seven. Recently, new openings also took place in Vietnam, Brazil and in Africa, a confirmation of Natuzzi strategic role as a pathfinder for the Made in Italy in emerging countries.  

Santeramo in Colle (Bari, Italy), November 28, 2013 – Natuzzi s.p.a. announces the opening of a new shop in Sydney, thus bringing the total number of Natuzzi Italia Store in Australia to seven.
The new shop – with an area of 700 sqm and no less than 27 room settings – stands out in the world stage as a true “store of the future”. In fact, it is equipped with a station devoted to 3D interior design – called Your Design By Natuzzi and Design studio – which allows customers to design and furnish their own homes using a touch screen. Thanks to very detailed photo-realistic images, the software enables customers to see how Natuzzi’s living sets fit into the consumers’ own environments.

The opening in Sydney follows the one in Keswick last July (in Adelaide), while more stores are already open in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Sydney is the most recent stage of the overall strategy of the Natuzzi Group to achieve better consolidation of its business in mature markets, to expand the retail network in countries with high rate of growth (such as China, Brazil, India, Russia) and to enter some of the previously unexplored  areas of Africa and Asia, where the Group continues to play its role as a pioneer for the Made in Italy.

In 2013 Natuzzi opened two shops in Vietnam (first in Ho Chi Minh City and then in Hanoi), a number of stores in Brazil, two shops in China, one in South Korea, one in India and two stores in Africa, one in Abidjian (Côte D’Ivoire) and one in Algiers (Algeria).
In addition, the Group also continues to increase its presence in Italy, thanks to the recent opening of a new shop in Rome. 

Pasquale Natuzzi, chairman and founder of the Natuzzi Group, stated: “I am extremely pleased to announce the opening of the new Natuzzi Italia Store in Sydney. On the one hand, it  represents one more achievement on our way to strengthen our presence in Australia and on the other it expresses at its best all the potential of our new concept store designed to create a unique shopping experience for our customers through innovative design and interior decoration services. As for the new Natuzzi Italia store in Côte d’Ivoire in the city of Abidjan and the second Natuzzi Italia store in Vietnam (the Asian country with the highest growth rates after China), they confirm our vocation to the strategic role of pioneer for Made in Italy in emerging countries.”

The overall number of Natuzzi Italia Store around the world totals to 289, in addition to the 336 Natuzzi Italia Galleries, opened in partnership with major department stores worldwide.