Harmony Maker: Natuzzi launches worldwide communications campaign


“Harmony Maker” is the title of the new communication campaign launched by Natuzzi Italia, the best-known furniture brand amongst luxury goods consumers worldwide. The campaign was devised by GreyUnited in conjunction with the Marketing and Communications Management and the Natuzzi Style Centre.

The creative concept hatched by GreyUnited stems from a core idea of harmony which is the very essence of Natuzzi’s DNA: Natuzzi blends design and function to create harmonious living. So, the central theme is harmony between objects, a harmony to be relished at home, making Natuzzi a “Harmony Maker” and this is the claim chosen for the new campaign.
The soul of Natuzzi Italia is born of the marriage between these two words: “harmony” is an abstract concept, something that Natuzzi covets, whilst “maker” expresses practicality, craftsmanship, earnest work.

The beautiful backdrop of choice is Apulia with its picturesque palette of colours: it represents Natuzzi’s “inspirational Muse”, a land from which the birth cord has never been severed, the key to open the door to understand the driving force behind the very fibre of the brand.

“With our Harmony Maker campaign,” Pasquale Natuzzi explains, “we wanted to tell the story behind the product and share our deep-seated motivations, our very DNA. We believe strongly in ourselves, in our fifty-year history and in our ability to create beautiful spaces, because I am convinced that beauty is the secret to happiness. To help tell our tale, we drew inspiration from our homeland: our Apulia, our Muse”.