Natuzzi presents Intro by Fabio Novembre at the Miami Design Week


Natuzzi Italia is back in Miami for Design Week, with architect and designer Fabio Novembre, to unveil a custom-made project focused on the Re-vive armchair and an Intro Installation designed by Novembre himself.

The work, which will be displayed at the Natuzzi Store from December 1-7, is an egg-shaped alcove that envelops the visitor for an immersive experience, to then return him/her to the world, reborn and more conscious. The visitor is introduced by the voice of actor Willem Defoe reading passages from Novembre’s The Design Explained to My Mother and Federico Fellini’s movie 8 ½ .

The installation occupies the store’s entrance, welcoming visitors with its unusual form and imposing presence. The front of the structure is a series of the brand’s iconic recliner, Re-vives, covered in leather with a palette of colors from red to black, representing the focus of the dialogue between Natuzzi’s products and the installation by Novembre.

Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, communication and deputy director of the brand, said, “The collaboration with Novembre is one that comes from a deep affinity of ideas and a shared vision of the world. To us, Intro is a project that demonstrates Natuzzi’s desire to innovate and experiment by capitalizing on the unparalleled expertise of our craftsmen. With this undertaking in Miami, we wish to promote once again the excellence of Made in Italy and the all-Italian creativity represented by Novembre and Natuzzi abroad.